Koskenkorva Museum - stories about alcohol in Finland


Welcome! Koskenkorva Museum is collects together exhibitions about Finnish phenomenons - that have something to do with drinking. The Museum is located right next to the Altia ethanol factory that produces the famous Finnish vodka Koskenkorva. 

The museum is located at Trahteerintie 3, Koskenkorva, Finland. 

During winter time the museum is open only by request. Give the head master Martti Koskenkorva a call at +358 50 3710088

Map, directions and contact form here. 


The permanent exhibitions:


Finland and alcohol

 See and hear how alcohol came to Finland, what kind of changes and unrest it brought, how it was banned during the prohibition, and again freed.

The factory in Koskenkorva

 Learn how the ethanol factory next door produces the world-renowned, extremely pure vodka from Finnish barley. 


Special exhibitions: 

Summer 2017: Könnit

The famous clockmakers of Ilmajoki were ahead of their time and built up a industry on high tech of the time.